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Jorge Pasco
Software Engineer
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Hello World!

Iā€™m Jorge Pasco, a software engineer based in Peru šŸ‡µšŸ‡Ŗ. I currently work at Makrwatch, where I focus on backend services to help the company keep up with its exponential growth. I have experience as a front-end developer, and the technologies I love and use the most are PythonšŸ/Flask and JavaScript/React āš›ļø. I'm also a Data Science/Machine Learning enthusiast, currently working on improving my skills šŸ’Ŗ.

I am self-taught and passionate about learning new technologies and solving problems. You can take a look a my resume šŸ™Œ. Reach out to me by filling out , or email me at šŸ“©

Latest Projects

Card Coverdjango-real-state
Real State Web App made with Django.
Card Coverwordle-clone
A clone of's Wordle game.
Card Covermusic-genre-classification
Cnn model to identify the music genre of a sample.
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